Research & development

Strong Objekt strives for the highest quality needle felt floor coverings. For example, we subject our products to extensive tests and are constantly looking for further optimization. Renowned certification institutes from Europe and America also take a close look at Strong Objekt. In addition, we have our own Research & Development team and our own laboratory.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Strongs' Research and Development team strives every day to take products to a new level. With extensive product knowledge and technical skills, new developments in the field of sustainability and efficiency are sought. In this way, Strong meets the wishes of its customers.


Laboratory and Certificates

In our own laboratory, the products are extensively tested for functionality, quality, wear resistance and fire safety. In addition to our own testing, the products are also tested and certified by renowned American and European testing institutes.

10 Jaar Garantie Strong


Strong Objekt needle felt - the toughest floor covering.

Strong Objekt fertigt und vertreibt Produkte unter den Gesichtspunkten Effizienz, Angemessenheit und Beständigkeit. Die Produkte von Strong Objekt sind qualitativ hochwertig und für den intensiven Einsatz im Objektbereich bestens geeignet. Ausgewählte Rohstoffe und eine sorgfältige Verarbeitung nach ISO 9001 zertifizierten Prozessen bilden die Qualitätsbasis für die hochwertigen textilen Bodenbeläge von Strong Objekt.

Needle felt Strong convinces with quality and passion. VEBE offers 10 year warranty on the premium qualities Strong 956 and the tile construction Strong 966 Modul. 



The theme of sustainability plays an important role at Strong. For example, we produce all our needle felt floors in a clean and energy-efficient way, using sustainable raw materials. We also have several sustainability certificates for ecological production.

Strong has an above-average longevity and retains its appearance over the years (10-year warranty on Strong 956 and 966). In this way you choose the optimal balance between economic and ecological benefits!

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