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DGNB Membership and Certification

VEBE with its all-encompassing Strong Objekt Needle Felt collection is not only a member of the DGNB, but also an active partner. Due to the environmentally friendly production in the Netherlands as well as its long lifecycle, all Strong qualities exceed the safety criteria and thus fully comply with the “Sustainable Building Guidelines”.

The DGNB Navigator combines the information offered by manufacturers with the demands of architects and planners on one platform. It provides an important bridge between building materials and the DGNB certification system for buildings by providing the necessary data for building certification. Thus, it acts as an important interface between various actors; the planning and execution team on the on hand and product manufacturers on the other. A unique online platform that creates transparency and provides everyone with fast, accurate and free valuable information about the product and its characteristics.

Strong 956
Strong 745 S-L
Strong 738 L
Strong 733 L
Strong 966 Modul


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