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Strong 966 Modul with Beyond ECO

Voluptates ad laboriosam ut.

VEBE represents a new era for the Strong brand. The self-laying needle felt tile Strong 966 Modul was designed and produced in the late 1960s with a focus on durability and resistance for the diverse world of objects. Since then, the modular Strong quality 966, with its strong characteristics, has steadily established itself in the global market. From an entirely new perspective, Strong 966 Modul now heralds a new era in the brand's history.

With the guiding principle "covering it all eco-friendly," Strong 966 Modul, as a sustainable needle felt floor covering with its innovative 100% bitumen- and PVC-free backing construction, aligns with the spirit of the times. Taking another step towards sustainability, the new Strong 966 Modul supports the fulfillment of Green-Building initiatives. Simultaneously, it improves air quality through low CO2 and VOC concentrations.

The modular Strong 966 Modul fundamentally meets the high quality standard that is checked and monitored by the Carpet Research Institute TFI Aachen according to the European standard EN 1307, among others. Strong 966 Modul also meets the strict award criteria for environmental protection, consumer safety, and health, such as TÜV-PROFICERT Product Premium and the Blue Angel. Like all textile floor coverings, Strong 966 Modul is environmentally friendly produced and checked for harmful substances to health and the environment according to the strict guidelines of GuT (Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichböden).

The Beyond ECO backing construction is free from PVC and bitumen. Free from odors and harmful emissions. Therefore, the "tile lightweight" significantly contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Weighing approximately 3.1 kg/m² and with a total thickness of 6.0 mm, the Strong 966 Modul is considerably lighter than conventional tiles. It is an essential principle of VEBE to balance efficiency and flexibility in the production process to a high degree. The unique coating technology gives this needle felt tile a tactile experience, good acoustic values, high flexibility, and, alongside impressive quality features, exemplary dimensional stability. It also promotes thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

The harmony between tactile presence and flexible, effortless lightness adds that extra touch during the installation of the unique Strong 966 Modul. With the innovative Beyond ECO tile backing, the Strong 966 Modul generation not only impresses with its technical advancement but also with its distinctive overall construction. Strong 966 Modul proves to be an ideal base here because of its optimized product characteristics that remain unaffected by all external influences, covering a wide range of applications in the diverse world of objects. Thus, Strong 966 Modul continues to symbolize innovation, quality, versatility, and reliability. All under the motto: "covering it eco friendly" with a 10-year warranty.

Vitae ipsa quo enim quas eius nihil possimus.

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