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Strong Objekt - DLW Strong

VEBE takes over the renowned “ DLW STRONG” brand and the needlefelt products and markets it under the brand name "Strong Objekt".

VEBE has been the exclusive producer of the needlefelt range for DLW flooring for a while. This way the availability of the needlefelt products Strong 956, Strong 745 S-L, Strong 738L  and Strong 733L has been secured. 

End of March 2018 a new sample collection will be launched in which the tiles programme will be further developed.

The Strong Objekt needlefelt products are made out own the well-known polyamide Dorix® fibers. This makes the products extremely durable, dirt repelling, allows for a broad colour palette and a proven high quality. The products have been awarded the Blue Angel (blaue Engel) certificate because of its low emissions and the contribution to the indoor air climate. 

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