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„Sustainability begins on the ground“

Exemplary eco-efficient lifecycle: in every phase of life

In selecting and sourcing the raw materials used in the production process, Vebe strives to achieve the highest levels of environmental sustainability and value for money. In doing so Vebe takes into consideration the entire product lifecycle, during the lifetime and even beyond. Also with the production of the needle felt Strong floor covering is Vebe aware of its great responsibility for our planet.

The field of sustainable architecture and building is an important discipline for the sustainability of our planet. By means of innovative architectural concepts, intelligent technological solutions and last but not least by the selection of the right building materials, the ecological footprint and thus its burden on the environment and climate of buildings is lower than in previous years.

How sustainable needle felt flooring is, is dependent on the choice of raw materials used. Regarding the subject of ecology, the needle felt floor coverings are equipped with a recyclable backing without any loss of quality. For the production site in Genemuiden, the Netherlands there is a constant focus on environmental management, by using concrete targets the usage of resources and its related emissions are continuously reduced. The Dutch production facility is DIN / EN / ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified. Of course, the Strong qualities also comply with criteria of these certifications and current regulations regarding pollution and are therefore a safe and good solution.

Once the Strong needle felt has been laid, it unfolds its true potential in terms of sustainability. As the products lasts very long without losing its aesthetics or functionality. Strong Objekt does not only score through longevity, its conventional cleaning with environmentally-neutral cleaning materials and low water use also makes an important contribution to the eco-efficiency of our needle felt quality Strong.

The Strong qualities have always been and still are a living example of sustainability of our time. Vebe  and its Strong brand are thus green.

All floor covering target groups, from planners to retailers and from the people who install the carpet to the people who use the carpet, pay attention to environmental issues. Architects are interested in topics as recycling and place importance on environmental labels Blue Angel, Prodis-GUT and TÜV PROFiCERT and pay attention to these labels when choosing flooring material. Upholsterers pick their installation material with caution for their own health and end users want material that protects them against allergies and have a long service life.

Strong qualities of Vebe – a sustainable good choice. This is not only proven by the major sustainability certification bodies, but also by the numerous product and environmental labels. There has been a serious increase in new labels in recent years. For this reason Vebe has decided to aim only at the labels and certificates that have established themselves as international standards or aspects that are particularly important to our customers. It guarantees architects and builders security already in de planning phase.

Needle felt Strong fully complies with the high quality standard according to the European standard EN 1370 tested and monitored by i.a. the TFI carpet research institute (Teppich-Forschungs-Institut) . All floor coverings are produced in an environmentally friendly ways and tested for health and environmental harmful substances in accordance with the strict guidelines of GuT – association of environmentally friendly carpets (Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichböden). The Strong needle felt floor covering from Vebe is convincing due to its environmentally friendly production as well as low emission, high sound absorption and –depending on the flooring – recycled backing.

All Strong qualities possess all the obligated certifications with regards to safety requirements and flame retardancy.

All in all, the innovative needle felt Strong, with its high functionality is an true classic in the world of objects – unbeatably versatile for the sustainable floor design!

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