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1&1 (Karlsruhe)

1&1 Strong Objekt

Nearby the Karlsruhe train station, 70 meter high office towers rise into the blue sky. With its 44 meter high counterpart on the west side and four stories high buildings attached to each side, an imposing office building is created.

This building is a project of billionaire Ralph Dommermuth, the founder and CEO of United Internet and also the IT company 1&1. The development of this in project in the area behind the main station got build in record time. With almost two years since the first foundation stone was laid in April 2018, the two 70 meter glass office buildings have shot out of the construction ground like mushrooms. After a two-year construction period,1800 employees of 1&1 started working in the building during last summer. A total of 2500 people will be working in the office buildings by the end of the year. All of these workers will be working at a prime location with modern office rooms and premises.

1&1 Strong Objekt
Magni cupiditate sequi minima.

Project Description



Needlefelt product/colors   





Karlsruhe, Germany

Strong 733 colour 181   


Graf + Graf Montabaur   

Johannes Vogt

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Et quidem in dignissimos.

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