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MDR (Leipzig)

The Environmentally Friendly Strong Module 966 Beyond ECO 

Innovative Design, Sustainability, and Ecology for Modern Spaces

Strong Objekt Nadelvlies

Sustainability has firmly established itself as a central criterion for future-oriented construction. At the heart of this movement is the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) broadcasting center in Leipzig, where sustainability systems play a crucial role. The fully glazed skyscraper stands as a landmark of the MDR headquarters.

In the ongoing renovation and modernization project of the adjacent office spaces, the Strong Module 966 in color 085 with its innovative PVC and bitumen-free backing construction, named Beyond ECO, was selected. This cutting-edge needle fleece tile boasts exceptional dimensional stability, creating uniform and seamless floor surfaces across various rooms. The Strong Module 966 has proven its worth at MDR through its versatility and robustness, serving also as an effective sound absorber to reduce ambient noise in offices of various sizes and uses.

Strong Objekt

Moreover, the ease of cleaning with standard, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and minimal water usage significantly contributes to the eco-efficiency of the installed Strong Module 966 needle fleece.

The Strong Module 966 not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of MDR workspaces but also promotes a healthy working environment. This is validated and documented by numerous certified health and environmental compatibility certificates from independent testing institutes.

For these reasons, the MDR broadcasting corporation in Leipzig continues to trust the Beyond ECO PVC and bitumen-free needle fleece quality of Strong Module 966. With a 10-year guarantee, this needle fleece brand is poised to maintain their confidence well into the future.

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MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig, Deutschland

Strong Modul 966 with Beyond ECO backing, Farbe 085

1.000 m²

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