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Sommer GmbH (Neuhausen)

Strong Needlefelt Castor Chair

Needlefelt in combination with elastic floor covering

Modern office architecture is dynamic and versatile. This calls for robust floors. At the company Sommer GmbH a redesign in the office/sales area was carried out. In accordance with main theme „material effects and contrast“, the tile quality Strong 966 was installed in combination with an elastic floorcovering. 

Needlefelt colour range 

The colourrange of the Strong 966 Modul is not only coherent in itself, it also corresponds with the colours chosen for the colour palette chosen for the project. The harmonious spatial concepts were implemented throughout the building, creating elegant and aesthetic zones dividing the space and enables easy orientation.

Project Description



Needlefelt product/colors


Fa. Sommer GmbH

Neuhausen, Germany

Strong 966 Modul color 50   


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