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Axel-Springer-Campus (Berlin)

With its cube shape and its façade made of gray-tinted glass and golden aluminum elements, the Axel Springer Campus leaves an astonishing architectural impression. The design for the modern office building comes from the renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas - OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). 

Axel Springer Strong Needlefelt

The extraordinary architecture of the 13-story (from which 11 above ground and 2 below ground) Axel-Springer-Campus represents the future of working in a (digital) publishing house. As the largest newspaper publisher and one of the largest media groups in Germany, Axel Springer AG is a traditional and powerful institution in the German media. Modern workplaces are intended to promote cooperation and exchange between employees. In the building Axel Springer focuses to bring together the triad of “people”, “space” and “technology”. With a surface of more than 52.000 square meter the building offers around 3.500 highly modern workspaces.

Axel Springer Strong Needlefelt
Axel Springer Strong Needlefelt

In buildings that are frequently visited the flooring should have an optimal combination of being able to handle the heavy traffic, have a long product life, hold its elegant appearance and be easy to maintain. The needle felt Strong 966 Modul was selected for this project due to its high functional quality characteristics and color scheme. A total of 8,500 square meter of Strong 966 Modul was placed in the Axel-Springer-Campus. A light colour was specially developed for this project as it is an excellent component of the color concept used for the interior. The harmonious light color Strong 966 makes the rooms bright and friendly and sets room-dividing accents, which at the same time offer a feel-good atmosphere for the employees. An attractively designed workplace contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable and stimulates motivation and creativity.

Project Description



Needlefelt product/colors  




Axel Springer Neubau

Berlin, Germany

Strong 966 Modul color 142


Rem Koolhaas - OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture)

Dominik Tryba / Nils Koenning

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Axel Springer Strong Needlefelt

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